David Ayoun

Born in 1983, David Ayoun grew up in Reunion Island. Nourished by physical practices, trained as a visual artist, he seized the tools of cinema and digital arts at Le Fresnoy. Since 2015, he is accompanied by the malterie, Lille, co-president since 2018 and associate artist
since 2021.
Child of the “creolization”, he develops a work questioning the transformation of the body and its perceptions in its relationship to technology and memory. His practice is situated at the crossroads of image and dance, language and the unconscious, rite and dream. Through a principle of sensitive and burlesque displacement, he deploys the fragility of simple or virtuoso, informal or archaic gestures.
His installations are designed to inhabit architectures. The spectator is solicited in his
attention, his perceptions, his bodily conscience and his mobility. He pays particular attention to the frame, the space, the temporality and the sound, always privileging their in-situ dimension. His various collaborations with artists, researchers, choreographers, composers or programmers contribute to the construction of his mixed artistic project.
He received the 1st Prize for Young Creation at the Fête des Lumières de Beaune-Lyon in 2010 for L’Homme  approximatif (2010). His work is shown at the Nuit Blanche in Paris in 2011. He directed the art film Miroirs pour  Percussions (2011) published on DVD in 2012.
His short film Deha-Vānī (2014), produced by Le Fresnoy, was selected in 2014 at the 16th Festcurtas Belo Horizonte in Brazil as well as at the FICEG in France in 2015 where it received an Award.
His co-generative multimedia installation Danse///Fragment (2015), produced by Le Fresnoy, was shown at the exhibition Panorama 17 – Techniquement Douce, in 2015, and then in 2016 at the 18th Festival Artdanthé at the Théâtre de Vanves in Paris.
In 2016, he develops, with Esther Mollo of the company Théâtre Diagonale, a research
entitled Le Corps Utopique, supported by the DRAC, the Gymnase CDCN and the malterie, presented in different contexts in Lille, Paris and Sweden.
In 2017, he exhibited for 8 months at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris the video installation MOF which he co-signed the direction and production with the photographer Thierry Caron and the anthropologist Arnaud Dubois.
In 2018, he was supported by the Hauts-de-France region for the Gestes-Porcelaine project.
He obtains a material investment grant from the DRAC Hauts-de-France for his video/cinema practice.
In 2020, he presents at the Museum of Tessé, Le Mans, his performance Amnios Ignis as part of the exhibition Jeux de balles / Jeux de ballons. A first development of the performanceinstallation project Les Ruines Circulaires, co-signed with Esther Mollo, is supported by Pictanovo via the Fond Emergence, a request supported by Théâtre Diagonal. He exhibited
the in situ installation First Contact – Vertical variation n°b.2 at the Ars Longa Gallery in Aix-en-Provence. He is one of the laureates of the Watch This Space 11 Biennial organized by the 50 Degrés Nord network.
In 2021, he continues his collaboration with the Ars Longa Gallery. He presented his interactive installation Danse /// Fragment as part of the group exhibition Young Colors organized by Lille3000 at the Institut pour la Photographie de Lille and a solo exhibition at the Centrale for contemporary art center in Brussels as part of the Watch This Space 11
Biennial. With Esther Mollo, for their performance-installation project Les Ruines
Circulaires, he is a laureate of the AirLab 2021-2022 program (Artist in research immersion in a laboratory – for the year 2021-2022, with the support of Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains) accompanied by Ariane Martinez of the CEAC Laboratory and Sarah Troche of the STL Laboratory in Lille.