Manon Mutel

Manon Mutel graduated from the Métiers d’arts (DMA) Céramiques de Sèvres in 2016 and from the Métiers d’arts (DMA) Métal l’ENSAAMA Paris in 2018. Sculptor, she develops a universe of imaginary characters, hybrid creatures, chimeric, a burlesque bestiary. She is convinced of the strength that resides in the craft, the sensory proximity that offers us these
skills. She develops sculpture using mainly metal and ceramics.
The brassware/metal bending is a technique of shaping metal sheets with a hammer. Adapted to sculpture, the metal sheet becomes a material to model. The plans developed offer a double reading of the volumes through the solids and voids.
The craft of art is then mixed with narration, with  storytelling, so the material must make sense through its technical properties. Manon Mutel exhibited at the Carrousel des Métiers d’art et de la Création at the Louvre in 2018 and is represented by the Ars Longa Gallery in France. She lives and works in Brussels

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