Valentina Canseco 

June 25 to August 6, 2022

« Summer is the future of us all »

Valentina Canseco has been collaborating with the Ars Longa Gallery for over a year. Today, she has chosen to present her solo exhibition “Medusa”,she has chosen to present her solo exhibition “Medusa”. Through an intuitive and introspective approach introspective
approach, she seeks to convey her vision of a singular summer atmosphere.

The artist gives us here a sensory perception of the mist, the heat, the invisible, in conversation with a floating and, stranded landscape, giving, in his words, “an impression of the world that inhabits her at the time of the exhibition”. To do this, she abandons for a time the architecture of urban space for a time, returning to nature and the organic.

Here she reveals emotions, sensations, and turns her gaze towards the living, this time  offering us more intimate landscapes.
The exhibition, lively, colourful and at the same time strong with an anxious intensity, deploys an analogy with jellyfish, their mythology and their fate. Can we not see the vision that Man has of nature in this Man’s vision of nature in this same desire to tame, dominate and then annihilate the other, that seems to threaten or frighten? Thus revisiting ecofeminist thought, the artist, through a play of reflections and contrasts, the artist invites the spectator to  dialogue and encourages us to reflect on our present and our future and our certainly warm,
misty and uncertain future.

Galerie Art Contemporain Aix en Provence