Corps et âme

July 27 – September 2, 2023
Collective exhibition
Galerie Ars Longa

Curated by art historians Clara Hébert and Aurélie Agui, “Body and Soul” is an exhibition that questions our view of art, a view that is both external and introspective. Indeed, art is an integral part of human history.

In prehistoric times, caves were filled with drawings of animals and people; in the West, Renaissance art was characterized by its meticulous analysis of Nature; and in contemporary times, by its deconstruction of shapes and colours, inspired in particular by the art of primitive peoples, who were also purveyors of striking art. Art can thus be seen as a witness and an actor, a way of apprehending the thoughts and issues of an era while allowing us to enter the artist’s mind.

When artists create, they invest themselves body and soul in their work.

On this occasion, the exhibition brings together several painters: Georges Autard, Valentina Canseco, Coline Casse, Julien Colombier, Violaine Desportes, Camilla Doumé, Victor Knipping, Gabrielle Kourdadzé, Mai Tabakian and Charlotte Vitaioli.

The Ars Longa gallery celebrates their dedication by bringing together the worlds of these artists, sometimes close, other times further apart, but always full of life, whether calm or totally exuberant.

Their works tackle different themes in art: the human body, plants, landscapes, all approached in a variety of ways, from the most realistic to the most abstract. These artists also work with a wide range of media, from canvas and paper to wood panels, silk and even stained glass.

It is this plurality of approaches and backgrounds that is at the heart of the Galerie Ars Longa’s identity and testifies, again and again, to its desire to promote contemporary creation in all its forms, with works on canvas, drawing, decorative art and sculpture by artists confirmed on the world art market scene.

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From Tuesday to Saturday : 11am - 7pm

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