Match avec Marcel

From November 3 to December 17 2023

Charlotte Vitaioli & Joachim Monvoisin

Galerie Ars Longa

Emblematic of the Bauhaus movement, the Wassily chair has left its mark on design history. This Marcel Breuer chair is the starting point for the “Match avec Marcel” exhibition: a friendship, a reference, a dialogue.

Present at the Galerie Ars Longa for the past three years, Charlotte Vitaioli’s works return to the walls hand-in-hand with her acolyte Joachim Monvoisin; a game of legerdemain between the two artists, with Marcel Breuer as the quiet, sympathetic referee. Evoking the sweltering sun of a late summer, nostalgia for the promise of life in “Le toujours, toujours”, the gallery presents an exhibition that combines gentleness and friendship, spaces of peace and freedom. A confrontation, first of all, between the immensity of Joachim’s deserts and that of Charlotte’s oceans, between the solitary characters of one and the sparkling characters of the other; but above all, a cohabitation that leads to the same contemplation of the landscape.

In “Match avec Marcel”, Charlotte’s tangy sensuality meets Joachim’s pastel sweetness. In front of this chair that observes everything, we become spectators of this friendly affront suspended in time, invited to immerse ourselves in the warmth of our summer memories.

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From Tuesday to Saturday : 11am - 7pm

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