Joachim Monvoisin

A la poursuite du point de fuite
couché de soleil et deux chevaux 2 RVB
Couché de soleil et deux chevaux
Observer le doute 1 RVB
Observer le Doute 2 RVB
Joachim Monvoisin

Joachim Monvoisin was born in 1987 and graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Quimper in 2010.


Visual artist, his work travels easily between painting, sculpture and cinema. From raw earth to cob, from stone to film sets or wool rugs, Joachim productions move with the flow of encounters and materials. They are sometimes about design and architecture, but more often about desert, walking and wide-open spaces. The relationship with the ground and subsoil can be seen as a possible link in his work. For it refers to walking and hiking, which the walker approaches with the tools of his feet. Feet as a medium for approaching the earth and slipping into the folds of the landscape. Because behind this notion of landscape, it’s more a question of looking at and contemplating wide-open spaces. An environment that, in order to be appreciated, often requires you to sink deep into its recesses.


Immobile landscapes, out of time, deserted and sometimes hostile places, where it’s easier to project yourself mentally and make them the stage for narratives where anything seems possible, even the improbable.


The craftsman’s gesture becomes essential to Joachim, and the reappropriation of traditional skills and techniques is a recurring theme.


From all these figures, a relationship to fiction and narrative inexorably emerges, unfolding in the fields of cinema and video. Volumes become sets, costumes or props. And to the three dimensions of space is added that of the 4th dimension, time and movement.

In 2021, he co-founded Supra, an artist and designer runspace near Rennes.


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