Julien Colombier et Ludovic Meyers galerie Ars Longa

Life is life

From 7 June to 3rd August 2024

Duo Show – Julien Colombier and Ludovilk Myers

Galerie Ars Longa

From June 7, Galerie Ars Longa is delighted to welcome the exhibition Life is Life by artists Julien Colombier and Ludovilk Myers.

The exhibition is the fruit of a fascinating four-handed collaboration between the two artists, based on the principles of freedom and experimentation. Julien Colombier’s celebrated plant explorations rub shoulders with Ludovilk Myers’s vibrant, geometric motifs. This creative process is all about improvisation. Rhythmed by the music, each lets the other surprise him or her, and the magic unfolds to form a single creative entity, embracing summer with bewitching motifs and vivid colorimetry.

Their artistic research is at the heart of a whole area of art history, that of collaboration and co-creation between artists. These are at the very heart of artistic creation, and can be traced back to the artists’ studios of the Middle Ages, where works were often composed by several artists in response to the influx of religious or civil commissions. Although this collaboration was initially utilitarian and often hierarchical, as the avant-gardes of the twentieth century evolved, it became a way of thinking about a new definition of the work of art and the author. Working with others meant abandoning individual signatures in favor of visual recognition of artists’ work. Whether through painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, collage or even performance, artists are seizing on collective creation as the true site of joint and individual exploration.

Julien Colombier and Ludovilk Myers met in 2016 and began their collaboration a few years later, motivated by a deep friendship, a shared passion for music and the desire to offer complementary work. While at first they followed a structured working process, with Myers painting the background in an abstract manner and Colombier completing the composition with his figurative elements, they soon broke away from this and decided to give free rein to their creativity, fusing their motifs endlessly to create unique atmospheres. Between real landscapes and imaginary post-modern worlds, the artists transport us into their shared imagination, a universe that is at once graphic, sensitive and vibrant.

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