West Bund Art Fair Shanghai 2023

November 2023


Specializing in contemporary art, Ars Longa presents current artistic creation by established and emerging artists, and promotes them through thematic temporary exhibitions organized several times a year. Since September 2022, the Gallery has been a permanent member of the Provence Art Contemporain (PAC) network, the largest territorial network of contemporary art structures in France, thus continuing its policy of promoting and disseminating contemporary art. As part of its mission to promote contemporary art, Ars Longa hosts a wide range of events: conferences, debates, meetings, artists’ performances, off-site events, international fairs and exhibitions.

The gallery is a place of experimentation and dissemination for the artists it has chosen to represent, who engage in dialogue on a theme through duo exhibitions as well as solo shows. Artists are chosen for their relationship with art history, whether they refer to it or oppose it, but also for their participation in current artistic questioning.

Indeed, the artists reason with important art-historical figures such as Caravaggio, Keith Haring or Yayoi Kusama, and are part of several contemporary currents such as textile art, drawing or urban art. The gallery also had the opportunity to exhibit several Andy Warhol polaroids, as a final tribute to the history of art and its most important figures.


From Tuesday to Saturday : 11am - 7pm

+ 33 (0)6 07 60 60 69

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