Ying Jing Jing

Ying Jing Jing

Born in 1986 in China’s Zhejiang province, Ying Jing Jing has been working internationally since 2016 in numerous exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, New York and Shanghai.


Ying Jing Jing interprets Chinese art in an eminently modern way, offering a vision of the fluidity of cultures between the West and the Far East. Indeed, it is between these two cultures that she received her artistic education, enabling her to interpret them as she sees fit. A young and popular Star artist in China, Ying Jing Jing has chosen the Ars Longa contemporary art gallery for her first solo exhibition in France.


With her multidisciplinary practice, the artist creates a singular universe often mixed with abstraction. At once organic and mineral, her work unfolds in a variety of mediums and spaces, including painting, sculpture and other media such as video, NFT and music production, with precise work on colour, material and form. Her work also aims to immerse the viewer: indeed, she has proposed several immersive performances and artworks.


Her Blobs series, conceived and developed since her confinement in China in 2020, evokes a scientific universe, not without links to ecology. These cells are displaced from their rigorous, scientific status into the realm of abstract art, like a biological painting. Her work reflects on our space, both outdoors with her “BACK TO BLACK” exhibition and indoors with her “IN THE NAME OF EARTH” exhibition in Shanghai. Here, she proposed a new vision of circular forms, this time creating human-sized sculptures. Ying Jing Jing also took part in the first exhibition of the Metaverse Art Annual in Venice, a research project between virtual and real created by art critic Victoria Lu, with her exhibition “CLOUDS FARM”. Several of her works are now part of public collections in China.


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