Coline Casse

BASSES LUMIERES II, exposition personnelle, Cabinet d_Ulysse, Marseille, 2022 ©studio tropicalist
BASSES LUMIERES, Fonds d_Art Moderne et Contemporain de Montluçon, exposition de sortie de résidence, 2021
BEDS ARE BURNING, exposition personnelle, Buropolis, Marseille, 2022
L_orage, huile sur toile, 195x130cm
La-Tempete- huile sur toile-195x130cm
le-jeune-homme-et-la-mer, 195x130cm, huile sur toile
la Piscine, huile sur toile, 195 x 130 cm
sans titre 1, huile sur toile, 195 x 130 cm
sans titre 2, Huile sur toile 190 x 150 cm
Coline Casse

Born in 1985 in Nîmes, France, and a painter since childhood, Coline Casse has followed a dual path between cinema and painting, in a duality characteristic of her personality and her work. After a preparatory class in cinema, she attended the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Marseille. There she attended two workshops, one for painting and the other for video. She obtained her DNSEP in 2010 with honors, as well as a degree in cinema from the Sorbonne in a double degree program, and further deepened her knowledge of images by enrolling in the INSAS film school in Brussels, from which she graduated with honors after training in framing and lighting. After several years spent on film sets, she decided to return to painting once and for all. Her studio is currently located in Lille at “La Malterie”.


In a regained and necessary silence, her pictorial gaze unfolds, more than ever attentive to delicately highlighting her contemporaries, whom she casts like actors who must fit their roles perfectly. A meditative feeling reveals their essence, fixed in a setting that is both pictorial and cinematographic, ambiguous, whose familiarity always slips through the fingers. Their immobility paradoxically embodies a form of resistance to contradictory injunctions, both intimate and contemporary. Particularly present, they are the medium for the artist’s quest for both the dreamlike – dreams being one of the bases of her work – and the purely gestural, with a definite love of technique and the sensual material offered by oil paint.


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