Jean-Baptiste Matilla, Donatien Tapa, Jasmin Delisle, Lisa Fischer galerie Ars Longa


From 17th February to 2nd March 2024

Group show – Jean-Baptiste Matilla, Donatien Tapa, Jasmin Delisle, Lisa Fischer

Galerie Ars Longa

The first edition of Arrière-cour (backyard) inaugurates a project dear to the Galerie Ars Longa, that of bringing together the very young local art scene and, in so doing, opening a breach in the future of contemporary art by exhibiting the work of new artists from the Southern Region.

While these artists, as is often the case in recent Art History, have political, ecological or social concerns, they also want to rethink materials and production techniques. To this end, they use a variety of media – screen printing, digital creation, leather, wood or concrete – which they play with and rethink according to their inspirations, with works that are somewhere between contestation, aestheticization and playfulness.

The backyard is located inside or at the rear of a building, and serves to give it daylight or clearance. This is where the title of the exhibition takes on its full meaning. Indeed, this first exhibition marks the desire to offer a place of experimentation for young artists, for whom it can be difficult to gain access to institutional and commercial structures. It is also a way of offering the public a glimpse into studios to which we often have little access, places of astonishing, significant discoveries that attempt to think about the world of art today, but also the world around us.

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